Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Wholesale fashion jewelry can be a terrific opportunity to earn an income, while offering high quality jewelry that looks fabulous. Buying wholesale means saving a large amount of money compared to buying retail. Wholesale jewelry suppliers can offer such low prices and substantial savings because there is no middleman, which is what the retail stores are. Wholesale fashion jewelry can be found at a fraction of the usual cost, sometimes as much as seventy or eighty percent less than the usual retail price. This means that you can buy a quantity of wholesale fashion jewelry, mark it up a reasonable amount, and still offer the fashion jewelry at a very low price.

This deal makes everyone involved happy, because you can earn a substantial income for yourself, as well as get terrific jewelry to wear at a very low cost, while giving your customers and friends excellent deals on great fashion jewelry. Even if you mark up the price you pay by one hundred percent, you can earn a fantastic profit while still offering prices that are well below retail to your customers. Many individuals earn hundreds of dollars each month, possibly more, by reselling wholesale fashion jewelry. A fringe benefit is that you can choose many pieces for as little as a dollar each. Reselling wholesale fashion jewelry means getting a great deal on your jewelry purchases, while earning a significant amount each month for your wallet. This jewelry makes a great gift as well, giving years of great looks and being fashion.

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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Styles 2011

Gold Cuff Bracelet

Name: Gold Cuff Bracelet
Price: $14.99

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Gold Leaf Set

Name: Gold Leaf Set
Price: $21.99

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Turquoise Bangle

Name: Turquoise Bangle
Price: $6.99

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